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Meet the Next Generation of Eco Plastic

We are very proud to introduce a revolutionary new material that will help you promote your brand while showing your customers that you care about the planet they live in. rHIPSb has all the positive specifications of traditional high-impact polystyrene. It is incredibly strong, stiff and durable, while being relatively easy to mould and craft into the product of your choice, including promotional coasters, single-use cutlery, key fobs and ID cards, to name just a few ideas. However, it comes with an important sustainable edge that regular plastic, and most other materials, could never live up to.

The Environmental Benefits of rHIPSb

This unique new material has been crafted from 100% recycled polymer. There are no virgin ingredients in its construction at all, ensuring sustainability in production and no need for deforestation or destructive mining practices to create this invaluable product.

When the promotional items created with rHIPSb have come to the end of their useful life, you have two options. You can place the item in your recycling bin, where it will have the opportunity to be turned into something else that is just as useful. Alternatively, you can add the item to your standard waste. Unlike your other plastic rubbish, this material won’t break down into disruptive microplastics that will pollute our seas and find their way into our food. Instead, this plastic variant reacts with a biodegradable additive with 600 naturally occurring microbes that increase the speed of decomposition. This eco-plastic degrades 200 times faster than ordinary plastic. It does this without needing any UV light or high temperatures, meaning that it will still decompose in landfill conditions.

As it starts to break down, this material transforms into biomass and water – there are no microplastics found here!

Finally, the carbon footprint of rHIPSb is very low, since the design, production and sourcing of recycled materials suitable for the creation of these products is all undertaken in the UK.

Beauty in Design

While the environmental aspect is important, aesthetics means everything in marketing. These plastics have been created in a range of natural shades, inspired by the coastal environment at our Cornwall base. We can craft coasters, badges, ID card holders, plant markers, rulers and so much more, all with your brand logo to become promotional gifts. Choose from shades of sand, buoy, seaweed, tor and sky and show your customers that you have an environmental conscience.

Promote an Eco-Image

High-level corporate brands are jumping on the eco bandwagon, trying to enhance their image by appealing to their customers’ sensitive side. Unfortunately, these businesses tend to spend more money on their ‘green’ image and less time practicing sustainability. Stand out from the big businesses by taking steps to show your clients that you really mean what you say. Using eco-friendly materials and maintaining a low carbon footprint are some of the easiest ways to stay ahead of the sustainable trend. Use rHIPSb as proof of your green intentions.

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