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Bespoke delivered treats for The Energy Check Workforce

The Brief:

The Energy Check asked Pro-Ad to help provide promotional merchandise that would be used to
support and boost the spirits of The Energy Check workforce during the Covid 19 pandemic.

The Campaign was to send members of The Energy Check workforce including those who were
working from home or had been furloughed, a gift, to reinforce that everyone is still part of The
Energy Check family. This was intended to promote a positive message and make all members feel
appreciated and valued.

The Challenge:

In order to fit the customer brief the promotional items had to be a surprise to the recipients and
this gift had to be edible, brandable, deliverable to around 100 different addresses across the UK
and there also needed to be a vegan option available.

The customer also wanted to include some postcards branded with positive messages in the
packaging. The goal was for the gift to generate a feel-good factor and communicate to their
staff/employee’s that they are valued and important to the business.

The Solution:

Pro-Ad suggested cupcakes which are highly customisable.To see a range of our cupcakes click on the link here. They can be supplied in boxes of 6, had a vegan friendly option, could be branded with their logo, were customisable with a coloured case and could be delivered safely to their employees at their individual home addresses.

Pro-Ad also arranged production of the postcard and subsequent packing into the cupcake boxes.
Each postcard carried the same message of gratitude and affirmation from the Senior Management
Team on the reverse side, but the fronts contained one of 4 different motivational messages. The
postcards were produced in a high-quality card so that they could be retained as a keepsake and to
further communicate how important the staff are to the business.

The above notes were custom prints to help support and boost The Energy Check Workforce.

The above image is what the cupcakes were sent in.

The Result:

The campaign reinforced the idea that cupcakes are great for businesses to send to staff working
from home or on furlough, one that is simple to arrange, and is an investment in staff that goes even
further in difficult times and creates a feel good factor. The Energy Check workforce responded with
an overwhelmingly positive reaction making the campaign a success.

The Senor Management Team received messages from employees thanking them for the cakes,
recipients posted photos and messages on social media of the cupcakes being enjoyed by both them
and their families and they had been able to keep the gift a secret so the staff were pleasantly
surprised. Members of The Energy Check workforce sent messages saying “The cakes have been a
massive hit! They’ve gone down really well and did not disappoint, they’re delicious!”


“Having worked with Pro Ad for almost 20 years now, they are my go to supplier when I need
promotional items. As always, they delivered! The cakes had the exact reaction that we wanted and
provided a real boost to our teams spirits, who hadn’t seen each other face to face for almost 13
weeks. The quality was excellent, and all 100 boxes were delivered on the same day in perfect
condition. The positive benefits for the team and brand far outweighed the costs and to top it off
they tasted delicious!”
Craig Dallison – Director of Marketing, The Energy Check



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