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Pro-Ad creates branded Winter Kits for SSE

Last Autumn to in 2017, SSE requested our help in putting together 12,000 Winter Kits. The kits would be used in order to support their vulnerable customers that live in remote areas, in the occasion of a power cut during storms.

The Challenge

SSE required a range of products that would be of the highest quality in order to guarantee that they would be a valuable help towards their clients’ safety while keeping the production cost down. The client also required for the products to be pre-packed by Pro-Ad into boxes carrying their branding.

The Solution

Pro-Ad’s Account Manager for SSE worked on the brief in order to collect product samples that would fit the purpose of the client’s campaign. He then visited the client in order to present them the samples, shortlist the most suitable ones and discuss any amendments that needed to be made on the selected products. These included fridge magnets, wind up torches, glow sticks, room temperature indicators, beanie hats, emergency blankets and even an analogue phone which Pro-Ad suggested as it would still be able to work even through a power cut.

Pro-Ad used their worldwide network of suppliers to choose the factories that would be able to manufacture the selected products while providing the quality standards and certifications required by the SSE.  Pre-production samples were produced to ensure that the client was 100% happy with them. The Solutions Team also worked with our Creative Department in order to design two versions of packaging; one that would be suitable for posting and a large pack with a gift feel to it.  Both types of packaging had to be strong enough to protect their inserts and aesthetically pleasing to safeguard the SSE branding guidelines.

The Result

The customer feedback on the winter packs was very positive and their recipients were very happy with them. According to a satisfaction survey carried by SSE, the recipients rated the SSE customer service based on the winter packs with an average of 9.46 out of 10.  Their majority said that they felt they had been listened to and that they would be very likely to use the welfare pack in the event of a power cut.

This campaign also won Silver in the Institute of Promotional Marketing Cogs Award Promotional Merchandise Campaign of the year.


“The quality of the packs is very impressive! Thank you on my behalf (and everyone else’s which will use these), for assisting in turning the welfare packs to a finished product.” SSE

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