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Pro-Ad’s 5 ways to boost Morale:

1. For those working from home, create the work environment!

Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the films where the employee puts a shirt on with shorts because the video only sees the top half. And yes, we have all been tempted, but is it really you at your most productive? We’re not suggesting dressing to the nines every day but put a shirt on, put the radio on to generate that workplace buzz and have your branded mug and pen to make you feel like you’re at the office!

Feeling like you’re at the office can help mentally to differentiate when it’s time to wind down and relax or allow focus for when it’s needed. Maybe send a company t-shirt or hoodie too as a little reminder that we are all in this together and maintaining your company culture.

2. Team building – be creative.

Have a prize, wear a crown, make the fun contagious. Every group is different, but the possibilities are endless!

The Pro-Ad suggestion is to nominate different members to be in charge and allow them to be creative – not only will you see something different but you might recognize different skills that people have and enjoy yourself in the process!

3. Celebrate the big and small victories!

Things are difficult, there is a lot of negativity out there so why not celebrate the good no matter how small!

Mail your employees some fun company merchandise whilst working from home or order and deliver to the office. Let them know just how grateful you are for their efforts going forward. It also lets your team know that you are there and want to help them stay happy and productive.

We have just the products to mail like our letter sweet goodies!

4. Talk about the why!

What gets you out of bed? Communication is key and knowing the why helps communication. Don’t be afraid of transparency as knowing what makes the boss and general employee motivated can help both parties to maximise their efforts and communicate better, with understanding.

Though different things motivate individuals it’s also important to know the common goal and motivation as a company. Don’t be afraid to break this into shorter and longer goals or motivations to create a better understanding! Understanding will allow you to send specific products or merchandise that can help improve the why!

5. Encourage genuine breaks!

The saying “burning the candle at both ends” comes to mind. Don’t overdo it as creativity can hinder when you don’t change environments. Stretching the legs or getting some fresh air is sometimes all it takes to make someone feel relaxed and appreciated!



For more product ideas on how to boost morale in your environment, contact our Solutions Team at solutions@proad.co.uk  


The Pro-Ad Team 

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