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Days and Dates to Remember in 2020

Here’s our list of top 8 events to get behind and consider how promotional merchandise can go hand in hand.


1. Easter – 10th to 13th of April

From Easter hunts to the gifts of chocolates or even holding an event, Easter is a celebration and your marketing can match this. Its important to remember that in the UK this falls over a long weekend and thus planning is important. Our ideas are eggcellent even if we say so ourselves whether a chocolate hunt or holding an event, speak to our solutions team to get the most from your campaigns.

2. Euro’s 2020 – 12th June to 12th July.

Remember not so long ago when football was coming home. Did your business make the most of the country’s jubilation? Whether it was bunting or clothing, England had full support, now that the Euro’s is on it’s all to play for and if they do well there might be more of the same opportunity. Create a flag, brand clothing, there are loads of opportunities to promote your business.

3. Newcastle UK Pride 17th to 19th July.

In 2020 Newcastle is the official UK pride. Newcastle is ecstatic to welcome the nation as the official pride where in years gone by crowds of 20,000 plus have featured. To show your support why not consider some promotional merchandise whether face paints, flags or banners, we’re here to help.

4. 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo -24th of July to the 9th of August.

Great Britain has amassed 883 medals over the Olympics’ competition and is 3rd in the overall total. Everyone loves a winner and Great Britain is the only nation to win a medal at every summer event since it’s conception. What better way to celebrate the summer than watching the nation’s best compete, win some medals and inspire.

5. July – end of the school year, summer holidays start on 22nd July to 2nd September.

Every year the summer holidays start, family time commences, and opportunities arise. There are ways to encourage family time whilst increasing brand awareness over the summer. Host events create competitions or ways to entertain the young minds that aren’t just on TV!

6. World T20 World Cup – 18th October to 15th November – Australia.

Can England take their World Cup success in cricket to the T20 games? In a shorter format of the game, this tournament will be taking place in Australia but in a year dominated by English sports, one must think England are in with a good chance after winning the 50 over the tournament. How to support? There are loads of opportunities whether small subtilities like our cricket ball lip balm to a signature awards cricket bat!

7. World Health Day/Week 10th October and week 18th to 24th May.

From May the 18th to 24th there is a mental health awareness week where the theme is sleep and how this can affect our mental health. During the week there will be hundreds of events around the country and opportunity for you to join. Whether running a competition to fundraise or taking donations it’s important to be aware.

For those considering donating, The Lord Mayors have a green ribbon campaign to end the stigma involved with mental health and their site can be found by clicking here.

Presented by the World Federation of Mental Health, World Mental Health Day will be on October 10, 2020. Every year one adult in four, along with one child in ten, will have a mental health issue. Whether a green ribbon, social post or moment in the office, it’s important to take time and think about mental health.

8. Christmas (December 2020).

Christmas is that time of year where it’s about giving, whether it’s corporate gifts to clients, suppliers or your staff, this time of year can really build a relationship for the following year. From stocking fillers to Christmas do’s, our solutions team have created many successful campaigns, speak to them to really get the most out of your festive period.

Is it ever really to early to start thinking about and planning your Christmas?


Have a great 2020.


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