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Eco Sustainability and Promotional Merchandise.

Does your brand promote eco-friendly promotional merchandise? The goal, set by the United Nations, is to promote prosperity whilst protecting the planet. More and more businesses are becoming increasingly aware of their eco-footprint and here at Pro-Ad, we are finding the best eco merchandise to match with your brand.

So why not communicate your brand message by showcasing industry leadership and operational efficiency with promotional merchandise that is eco-friendly, sustainable and/or reusable?


Examples of Our Wide Eco Range:

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Eco Writing utensils.

Whether made from recycled products or produced with biodegradable products, everyone uses a pen, why not make yours stand out for the write reason?

Litani Recycled Bottle Pen, Recycled Money Pencil, New Senator Skeye Bio Ballpen.


Eco Clothing and Accessories.

Did you know that just because it’s eco-friendly doesn’t mean it can’t be branded. According to the BPMA, over 50% of people want a promotional item to be useful, why not make yours useful and sustainable?

Recycled earth-friendly fabric baseball cap, Ecovent Umbrella in black, Eco-friendly 20mm Pla flat lanyard.


Eco Drinking.

102 billion single-use cups go to landfills every year, with reusable cups there’s no excuse for single use.

Recycled sports bottle 500ml, Ecoffee Cup 12oz, Dunham Promotional Bamboo Fibre Coffee Cup.


Eco Containers.

It’s amazing how far packaging has come, some bags are made from recycled stone and marble, others are laminated or organic unbleached cotton. The sweets pot is made from plant-based materials. There truly is something for everyone.

Walton Gloss Laminated Paper Gift Carrier Bag, Eco-Friendly Bio brand medium sweets tub, Columbia Fairtrade & Organic natural cotton drawstring backpack.


If you were looking for other inspiration, we have items such as recycled E-leather luggage tags, seedsticks, sporks, keyrings, pin badges and much more all with eco-sustainable promise.


Eco Deals:

The Xoopa Mr Bio. Man:

Mr Bio is a multi-charger product that combines the best of both technology and eco-friendliness.

The body is made from biodegradable material, with ‘arms’ and ‘legs’ wrapped in recycled plastic material.

Mr Bio. is a versatile multi-charger cable, with different heads for different devices which can be used to connect multiple devices at once.

Voted the best promotional product at the Pro-Ad Promotional Expo 2019, why don’t you see for yourself what makes this product so amazing. As an added incentive, to showcase how truly great this product is:

the first 20 enquiries asking about this product will get a free sample!


Bic Eco Pens:

For a limited time, you can get Bic’s eco equivalent of a pen at the same price as a standard pen.

This offer expires at the end of January 2020.

Contact our solutions team for enquires, ideas or better knowledge of how your promotional merchandise can be more eco-friendly and sustainable. The email is solutions@proad.co.uk or telephone at 01670518928.


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